CJSA Central/NorthCentral Competition Leagues

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Important Note for Registrars and Club Administrators

Important Announcement - March 28, 2017

There is an error is some of the schedules distributed for the spring 2017 season. Any schedule that shows a game for the week ending May 28 (Memorial Day) should read May 21. We always leave Memorial Day weekend open for tournaments. Sorry for any confusion.

Revised Announcement - April 26, 2015

As discussed in our District meetings, the League Board has approved new rules regarding residency for league play.  The amended rules are now available on this site.  If you are planning to submit a team for league play that does not meet CT Cup residency requirements, you must gain board approval. The process is outlined under the information tab above.

Revised Announcement - Marach 28, 2017

The web site has been opened for game results for the spring 2017 season.

New Announcement - November 30, 2015

The number of teams who do not report league scores continues to hamper the leagues's ability to equitably set divisions in the upcoming season. In light of this, the league board has increased the fines for not reporting league scores beginning with the spring 2016 season.

Instructions for entering teams into the travel league have now been added to our site. Please refer to Information...Instructions - Team Entry above.