Berlin Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

Berlin, CT

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Field Status

The 2015-2016 meeting schedule is available.

The BYSA Board meets regularly at the Community Center at 7:30 pm.  Anyone interested in attending should notify your division coordinator.

Registration for all spring 2016 programs will open on February 1.

  • Travel program registration is currently closed.
  • Recreation division (Seniors, Juniors, and Nutmeg) will conclude late registration on April 29, this will be on a space available basis and will involve a late fee. If programs fill, you will be offered a wait list option at no charge. As openings occur, we draw from this wait list.
  • MiniKicker normal registration will conclude on April 4. There will be limited registrations permitted until May 14 (on a space available basis). There is no late fee for this division.

For our coaching volunteers, CJSA based background checks are required every three years. For new coaches or for those whose three year limit has expired, A tutorial for completing the background check process is available.

The Nutmeg schedule for the spring 2016 season has been posted. Please look under the Recreation tab for more information.

Rosters for the MiniKicker, Junior Girls, and Senior Girls have been added to the web site. Please look under the Recreation tab for more information.

BYSA is sponsoring a 2016 spring soccer camp. The camp will take place during the mornings of April 11 - April 14 at Sage Park. The camp will be organized and staffed by the Leszek Wrona Soccer Academy. All staff will be professional soccer coaches skilled in coaching the appropriate age groups. For your convenience, you can register for the session through our online registration system. For more information or to register via the mail, please see the camp brochure.

The impact of concussions in all athletes, professional, amateur, and youth, has led to a greater understanding of the impacts that this injury. In an effort to improve the knowledge of our officials, coaches, parents, and players, we have taken some proactive steps. Awareness classes for our coaches have been held in the past and we have recently upgraded our site with information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who has one of the most comprehensive sites on this topic. We recommend that all parents and players take advantage of this information (found under the parents tab) and become knowledgeable regarding possible symptoms and treatments of concussions.

Berlin Youth Soccer has adopted a Code of Conduct to cover our players, coaches, and parents.  Acceptance of this code is a required part of our registration process.

Team Pictures - Fall 2015

  • 2015 Senior Boys - AC Milan
  • 2015 Junior Girls - Stars
  • 2015 Junior Girls - Sharks
  • 2015 Junior Boys - United
  • 2015 Junior Boys - Dynamo
  • 2015 Senior Boys - Eagles
  • 2015 Senior Girls - Slicks
  • 2015 Junior Girls - Satellites
  • 2015 Junior Girls - Spirit
  • 2015 Senior Girls - Voyagers
  • 2015 Junior Boys - Timbers
  • 2015 Senior Boys - Strikers
  • 2015 MiniKickers - 9:00
  • 2015 MiniKickers - 10:00
  • 2015 Nutmeg Boys - Green
  • 2015 Nutmeg Boys - Red
  • 2015 Nutmeg Boys - Beige
  • 2015 Nutmeg Girls - Orange
  • 2015 Nutmeg Girls - Black
  • 2015 Nutmeg Girls - Red
  • 2015 Nutmeg Girls - Blue
  • 2015 Senior Girls - Pride
  • 2015 Junior Girls - Saints
  • 2015 Junior Girls - Dragons
  • 2015 Senior Girls - Mustangs
  • 2015 Junior Boys - Revolution
  • 2015 Nutmeg Boys - Light Blue
  • 2015 Nutmeg Boys - Blue
  • 2015 Nutmeg Boys - Black
  • 2015 Nutmeg Girls - Purple
  • 2015 Nutmeg Girls - Lime Green